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Lit Mag

March 2014

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eloquentquill in watered_sunday


The first issue of Watered Down Sunday will be posted on December 14th! 

If you want to be a part of it, please let me know. I think I will take four other people to help me run this (at first at least... maybe more later).
One to get all writings together, one to get all art work together, one to get music together, one to promote, and me to edit, and make it flow.

1. You can actually find the time to do it. It would take place every other Sunday... so you have two weeks to get your part done and out there.
2. You will participate at least once. We'll have topics and  contests.
3. Friendly and fun.


More news and updates later.


Sundays are free days.
I can .. er write? No, I can't really. But I like writing?
And even music is a passion.
Besides, I am interested.
Do I qualify? :D
Of course you can! :] And yes you can write you silly thing!

Um, since you are the first to respond... we are going to have to split up the tasks for now... but eventually you will be in charge of just one. Which would you like to be?

1. Collector of all writings?
2. Collector of all artwork?
3. Collector of any/ all music?
4. Advertiser? (Get our name out there)

How bout... collector of writings? :D
Just tell me what I need to do ^_^
Thats perfect! Mk, well you will need to join the community so I can add you as a mod. And just start reading and asking people to join. Um, you can say this to ask:

"But I am a mod from the new community called "Watered Down Sunday" and I was wondering if you would like to submit any work to it? It's a lit mag for livejournal users and we take anything from writings to art works to music to photography. Every other Sunday we publish a new entry, and we would be so honored to have your work included. If you're interested, please take a look here: Watered Down Sunday (http://community.livejournal.com/watered_sunday/)"

And if you dont mind, for now at least... could you also help me with finding photographs, music (if any), and promoting our name? I'm getting as many art works as possible, but you are welcome to as well. <3

Thanks toots! :D
Woop sounds awesome! :)

What sort of photographs are we looking for? Of any type? And just on websites and stuff?
Glad to be on the team, Zie! :D
Me too! I was afraid I was gonna be alone for a while... lol. But I am very glad it's you and this thing can get started.

Anything really. (I look for the ones that are very beautiful.) But make sure anything used is actually from a livejournal user. Music will be hard to find, if at all, I think. But we can still look.

Oh, and I have a small sample of all of the work we have so far....
its a powerpoint file, so I'll email it to you! :D
That would be lovely :]
Well, I want it to be published every other Sunday. So that means I would need to have at least 3-4 days to get everything put together. Is that what you meant?
Oh, ok! I see what you mean! Yes, that would be wonderful. That way, I wouldnt have to rush in getting everything put together and I could get y'all's opinions on the outcome.

Fabulous idea, thanks :]
Those two would be perfect :]
Oh, lol. Well, its wonderful! :D
Oh, I love it! :D

Only, if you could, please put a space between "sunday & submit"?

Thanks :D
Oh, I had to change the post for submissions... so its a different link.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
One so far, and I mean I had to post a new entry because the old one wouldnt let me update it. I'm using a different account :/

LOL oh, I hadn't meant for you to do that. Just change it from here on?

And I honestly can't remember what type it was. I just saved it. LOL I've been so busy this weekend.

Hey, I just thought of something. Instead of everyone just sending me everything all of the time... would you mind me posting your email and that way they send you everything relating to music? Then you just send me a big email every time its officially due?

That would slow my email down a lot :] and be really amazing of you.

If you dont want your personal email posted, maybe make one just for this?

(If thats not too much trouble)
Sweet thanks :]