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March 2014



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Mar. 8th, 2014


Official Submissions of Any Work

If you are interested in submitting any work to Watered Down Sunday, then please fill out the following and send it to (girllacksdesign@aol.com).

We are Currently in the process of introducing new people to help out with WDS, so as it stands:

All music and articles should be submitted to: allhailrocknroll@hotmail.com
l other writings (poetry, fiction, etc) should be submitted to: 
All photography should be submitted to:
All art work (paintings, drawings, etchings, etc.) should be submitted to:

(If the type of work you have isnt listed, or doesnt have someone currently to fill in the position, please submit to: girllacksdesign@aol.com)

Name of Work:
Rating of work: ( G -> NC-17)
Date work completed: (Day, Month, Year)
Any comments for selected work: 
Link: (if you have a blog, or store please let us know) 

Each work entered for submission needs to have the above filled out. So if you submit three works of art, you need to have three of the submission "forms".

Every artist/author/photographer has the opportunity to have three works posted per issue, but may submit up to 10.

For each issue of Watered Down Sunday, two artists will be selected as the best of the bunch. A small question and answer will be done on each artist, so it is very important that anyone wishing to qualify for this submit their work as soon as possible.

Submissions are due the Monday before the Sunday the issue should come out on. For example: If you would like to be in the December 14th issue you must post by December 8th.

Again, with the new group members in place and everything we are currently working on the when each type of submission is due. So far it stands at:

Week 1
Saturday- all music collected
Sunday- all photos collected

Week 2
Monday - all writing collected
Wednesday - article finished
Thursday - articles edited
Sunday - Zie posts issue!

For any questions please feel free to email (girllacksdesign@aol.com) or comment here.


Dec. 19th, 2008


(no subject)

The lack of any kind of response... good or bad... is really disheartening.

So, we are going to be on a temp pause, and hopefully revamp everything... If that doesnt work, then I dont know what will.

If you have any suggestions... please let us know!

Dec. 13th, 2008


Issue #001

Well, this issue is being posted a day before schedule because tomorrow will be really hectic at my house and I seriously doubt I would have time to upload it. Some very last minute artwork was added, so we're excited about that.
Please let us know if you have any troubles downloading the file, or in viewing it! The quicker you let us know, the quicker we can fix it.


Watered Down Sundays, Issue #001

Dec. 12th, 2008


(no subject)

Ok, we are down to the last couple days before the first post! I am sorry to say, though, that there will be no articles in this issue. RL has been so hectic lately, that it forbids it.... but next issue I promise we'll have them.

Still looking for some extra help. :/ I mean... Demi and I can only do so much, you know? But no matter. Hopefully, after the first issue people will see it and fall in love and be like "I WANT TO BE A PART OF THIS!!" At least, that's what I'm hoping for.

The talent in this issue is great, although, not great in number. A good portion of it is writing, with a few pics from me and some art work from others... but again... I am hopeful that more people will join in once we get issues out there for everyone to look at.

Also, I am saving and uploading the first issue as a PowerPoint pres w/ buttons and all of that. So I'd like to know how everyone likes it... and if need be, I will redo it so its used under a different program...

One last thing... if you didnt get to see your work in this issue: that is ONLY because we had too much written work for this issue, and decided to save some of it for the next issue. I appologize if anyone is disapointed by this.



Nov. 29th, 2008


Quick Poll (Attempt #2)

Poll #1306271 Quick Poll

How would you like the issues to be published?

Long post under a cut
Downloadable version

I know that only one person has voted, but I decided that I liked the idea of a downloadable file more.

Nov. 26th, 2008



The first issue of Watered Down Sunday will be posted on December 14th! 

If you want to be a part of it, please let me know. I think I will take four other people to help me run this (at first at least... maybe more later).
One to get all writings together, one to get all art work together, one to get music together, one to promote, and me to edit, and make it flow.

1. You can actually find the time to do it. It would take place every other Sunday... so you have two weeks to get your part done and out there.
2. You will participate at least once. We'll have topics and  contests.
3. Friendly and fun.


More news and updates later.